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Web Hosting Premium

A scalable, easy-to-launch platform. Use a mix of CMS’, ‘Infrastructure’ or ‘Custom built scripts’ (Joomla, Drupal, Codeigniter, Laravel etc.) on one account. Host your apps and sites in one place and launch in a few clicks.

Great for: Hosting multiple CMS, high traffic websites & apps all with scalability built-in.

Ecommerce Web Hosting Premium

An all-in-one solution for high-performing ECommerce stores, our Managed ECommerce Hosting scales with you as your store grows.

Great for: Stores that want to increase conversions by loading quickly and following up on abandoned carts.


VPS provides you a slice of a dedicated server to host your site or app. It’s high performance hosting for an affordable price.

Great for: Hosting Websites, light applications, and development sites.

Dedicated Server

It’s your own customizable server, and you get all the resources. Enjoy the highest level of performance and security with a single-tenant dedicated server.

Great for: Resource-hungry sites & apps, compliance (HIPAA & PCI), databases, back office applications, resellers.

Custom Server Solution

Need a multi-server environment to support your site or app? We build solutions on dedicated hardware, cloud infrastructure, or a hybrid hosting mix.

Great for: redundancy, high availability clusters, disaster recovery solutions.

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