Perfect Cpanel Hosting at Right Price

We ensure the maximum performance and most optimized configuration while keeping the price reasonable.

Web Hosting Personal

3.60GHz * 0.75 Core CPU
256MB DDR4 Physical Memory
256MB Virtual Memory
3GB NVMe SSD Space
Host 1 Domain
5 MySQL Databases
10 Email Addresses
20 Entry Process
50 Processes
60 Email/Hour

Web Hosting Pro

3.60GHz * 1.00 Core CPU
512MB DDR4 Physical Memory
512MB Virtual Memory
5GB NVMe SSD Space
Host 2 Domain
10 MySQL Databases
20 Email Addresses
40 Entry Process
100 Processes
60 Email/Hour

Web Hosting Corporate

3.60GHz * 2.00 Core CPU
768MB DDR4 Physical Memory
768MB Virtual Memory
10GB NVMe SSD Space
Host 5 Domain
25 MySQL Databases
50 Email Addresses
60 Entry Process
200 Processes
120 Email/Hour

Web Hosting Enterprise

3.60GHz * 4.00 Core CPU
1024MB DDR4 Physical Memory
1024MB Virtual Memory
20GB NVMe SSD Space
Host 15 Domain
75 MySQL Databases
150 Email Addresses
80 Entry Process
400 Processes
120 Email/Hour