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Fully scalable with your business growth while keeping the price-performance balance.


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$5.00 /month
  • 1 - 32 Cores
  • 1 - 128 GB RAM
  • 10 - 1024 GB PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe SSD
  • 1 - 8 IPv4 Address

Powering every - VPS

A complete powerpack to empower all your server needs.

10 Gbps Int.

International up link with fast path & lowest latency.

10 Gbps BDIX

BDIX full duplex bandwidth availability all round Bangladesh for free!

100% Anti-DDoS

Complete DDoS protected network to safe keep your server operation.

99.9% Uptime

Comprehensive Uptime SLA to keep you always online and live.

Speed, Flexibility & Control

Introducing super fast PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe SSD VPS at our Bangladesh, USA, Singapore & Germany Data Center!

With the power of KVM Virtualization Technology and our self engineered infrastructure we are glad to offer you a superb performance PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe SSD VPS at best price while BDIX Connectivity ensures the fastest possible network.

Effortless Server Management

Regardless the virtualization platform or method, server management is the key which ensures better productivity and performance.

We ensure the maximum possible features for you to ease up the server control. Our perfect API integration with the core system and host nodes, you will get all tools to manage, monitor and control your server.

  • Configuration Support

    We will install OS & all necessary software's and configure them to your desired result as complementary.

  • Free Migration

    Need help moving from your old hosting company? No problem, we will fully migrate your website/web-application.

  • Easy Upgrade

    Upgrade to next plan is easy and almost done instantly to help your business operation goes uninterrupted all round the clock!

  • 24/7/365 Live Support

    Who got your back at 3 PM? Our professional hands-on support team is always ready to help you 24/7/365.

Need - Help?

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We will evaluate your hosting needs and help to get started by suggesting the best possible infrastructure planning to avoid any unnecessary expenditure and pixel perfect performance. Talk with our hosting expert & sys admins over Live Chat or Email. It will be our greatest pleasure to assist you!

… or check the most frequently asked questions and our answers-

Which hosting package is best for me?

Every website/application is different and thus yours. Technical resources vary from site to, application to application. So we recommend you to discuss with our hosting expert sys-admins to better identify your resource requirement and suggest you the exact package you need. This will save you money from buying unnecessary big plans and also providing the maximum optimized speed you deserve.

Why domains are limited on your hosting packages?

In one line the answer is, We strictly hate overselling. While limiting with process numbers opening the doorway of unlimited or mass number of domain, its simply a bad practice along the hosting industry. You host a lots of site and due to the limited number of process all sites become too sluggish and unusable. What's the point of using a unusable site? So we maintain the best practice while configuring our hosting packages and avoid anything misleading to the customers.

May I have a triall or test hosting service?

We always believe in clients flexibility and trustworthiness. But due to the increasing number of fraud and abusers, we have stopped providing test/trial service anymore. We believe our services are top class in the world and that will definitely satisfy our honorable clients.

What will be the uptime for my hosting server?

For all our services we maintain 99.9% up-time as Service Level Agreement(SLA). And in reality you can see a solid 100% up-time is rocking around! Multiple redundant upstream(IIG), redundant power, self starting generator, massive industrial Online UPS and robust HVAC system is always backing the data center from any single point of failure giving you the best of a ISO 27001 standard DC performance.

How hosting resources are dedicated to me?

In old days, web hosting company starves to maintain proper resources to all its users. There were always abuser from all over the world and even a legitimate user can use entire server resources while other users get almost nothing. To defend this situation and to make sure everyone gets what they pay for, CloudLinux Operating System comes with great scopes of control & flexibility. With LVE Manager from cloud Linux, now we can ensure your resources as dedicated to you.

May I have money back guarantee?

In past we always serve money back guarantee, but with the increasing number of online fraud and network abusers, we stopped money back guarantee. But to ensure our words are no fuss, we now provide Service Level Agreement or in short SLA.