All prices are now VAT INCLUSIVE

  • 1st February 2024
Dear honorable clients,   Due to an increased and unstable value in USD and BDT conversion, we are now offering all prices as VAT inclusive.To protect you from financial damages due to the high volatility of currency conversion along with a recent surge in USD/BDT we have removed the VAT to be paid by your end. The above policy change will be ...
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Scheduled Network Maintenance

  • 10th May 2022
Hello there! There is a scheduled network maintenance activity which will be performed at 6:00Am to 7:00Am on 11th May, 2022.We apologies for the inconvenience but to make your service more robust, we have to perform it. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thankfully-Khalid MahamudSystem & ServicesTomattos Technologies Limited
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Emergency Network Upgrade

  • 20th March 2022

Dear all,

We get into an emergency network management today which includes upstream change and capacity increase.

We apologies for any inconvenience it caused but the performance will surely amaze you! Enjoy our increased network capacity all the way.


Khalid Mahmud
Sr. System Admin

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5% VAT Applicable from 17th February, 2021

  • 17th February 2021
According to govt law and procedure, we have to now charge 5% VAT on all services from 17th February, 2021.For business registrations, please update your BIN number ASAP on your profile. We will issue MUSAK Chalan as MUSAK-6.3 via postal mail within 7 days from invoice payment. Please also update your billing address as soon as possible if you ...
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