System Core & UI integration Is Ongoing

  • Wednesday, 5th December, 2018
  • 14:45pm

Dear Honorable Well Wishers,

We are performing a massive upgrade on our services and service management. The following features are being introduced-

  • Full User Management Including Restart/Shutdown/Start/Re-Install/Recovery along with full MRTG Usage graph and MRTG Server Load.
  • Self Configurable Cloud Instances with freely Create/Manage/Delete instances.
  • Auto Scaling of cloud instances.
  • Private and Public Network Management, Firewall Management - Full Control
  • Self Create/Manage Private Cloud.
  • Manage Complete DNS Profiles For Free.

....and honestly a lot more.

We are striving to make it a better workplace for you. In the meantime if any problem happens, please assist us by reporting.  we are already running past our scheduled date of launch but expecting to launch within the possible shortest time. Thanks a lot as always for being with Tomattos.

Kind Regards.

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