CPanel Price Change In Action

  • Sunday, 20th October, 2019
  • 18:42pm

We have been working closely with cPanel® leading up to the licensing announcement. Detailed below are some of the key changes that you need to be aware of:

Rebranding VPS and Dedicated License Types

cPanel® is evolving their packaging names to coincide with industry terms. VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated is now Metal. The package name changes go into effect immediately.

Per Account Licensing Model

As announced in late June, cPanel® is adjusting its licensing model to be on a per-account basis. The new model allows you to purchase blocks of accounts (100, 125, 150, etc.). For clarity, the definition of an account is an account listed in cPanel® & WHM, not a domain name. This licensing structure change goes into effect in September 2019.

Fixed Account Licensing Model

If you prefer fixed price packages, where there is a hard account limit per licensing plan, we have created several fixed account packages:

cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20

cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to 30 $30

Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal Up to 100 $45

Premier Fixed 125 Cloud & Metal Up to 125 $50

Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal Up to 150 $55

Premier Fixed 175 Cloud & Metal Up to 175 $60

Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal Up to 200 $65

Premier Fixed 225 Cloud & Metal Up to 225 $70

Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal Up to 250 $75

Premier Fixed 300 Cloud & Metal Up to 300 $85

Premier Fixed 350 Cloud & Metal Up to 350 $95

Premier Fixed 400 Cloud & Metal Up to 400 $105

Premier Fixed 450 Cloud & Metal Up to 450 $115

Premier Fixed 500 Cloud & Metal Up to 500 $125

* Plans with accounts above 500 will be priced in 50 account increments at an additional 10$.

Fixed Account Licensing Upgrades

When a licensed server reaches the account limit of any fixed plan, an upgrade is required in order to add more accounts to that server. Upgrading between two fixed plans will require payment of the difference in price between the two fixed plans. For example, upgrading from cPanel® Admin Fixed ($20/month) to cPanel® Pro Fixed ($30/month) will cost $10 to upgrade. Please note we are unable to prorate upgrades that occur in the middle of your monthly billing cycle.

What Happens to My Existing cPanel®Licenses?

For customers with existing monthly licenses, we will transition those licenses to the new licensing model in early September 2019. We will select the new fixed license tier that fits your usage at the time of the conversion. For example, if you have a metal server with 380 accounts, it will be converted to a Premier Fixed 400 plan at $105/month.

Conversion of Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual and Multi-Year Licenses

With the new per account licensing structure, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and multi-year licenses are no longer available. All new licenses are on a month to month basis. We will honor the billing cycles of all existing non-monthly licenses and convert these licenses to monthly billing at the end of their existing billing cycle. For example, if you purchased a 3-year license on April 1, 2019, it will convert to monthly on April 1, 2022.

No Changes to cPanel® Addons

Please note that all active cPanel® addons you have purchased through us will continue to operate with their existing licensing structure, price and billing cycle. Any adjustments mentioned in this email only apply to cPanel® licensed products.

How Will I Know What Amount to Invoice My Clients?

Our top priority is to make sure you have all the tools you need to properly invoice your clients in your billing system. Here is a list of updated systems and features that will be available to you:

  • Updated BuycPanel API to reflect the new licensing structure.
  • New cPanel® license “pre-invoice” estimation report you can view or download from your client area.
  • Near real-time account usage listed with each cPanel® plan inside your client area.

Do I Qualify For Better Pricing?

We want our clients to have the best possible pricing, period. We are still working with cPanel® to find any additional opportunities for volume discounts for our clients, and believe we will have updated information in the weeks to come.

We Are Here to Help

As with any announcement of this type, we anticipate that you may have more questions regarding these changes. If you still have questions about this new licensing model, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately via phone, email, or live chat.

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